Niko Moon Is Out To Have a “Good Time”

Niko Moon Is Out To Have a “Good Time”

Niko Moon is having a good time climbing the country music charts with his debut single, “Good Time.”

It’s the title track from his EP of the same name.

Niko says, “‘Good Time,’ for me, is about having a good time in its most simplest form. I got this mantra that I like to live by and it’s just this glass half full, have a good time…that was really the foundation of the album, and, that’s what I think Good Time is.”

Before the year went into lockdown, Niko had the opportunity to perform this song in front of an audience, and he was blown away when the crowd started to sing-along with him. Niko describes the feeling he had on stage, “It was the trippiest feeling I’ve ever had in my whole life. My whole body just got tingles all over and I thought about it for days afterwards. Like, ‘Why was that so amazing?’ and I think it was because it made me feel understood. I think that’s, as artists, what we’re trying to do as we’re writing these songs. You know, we’re trying to connect.”

The song is connecting with fans as it is now a Top-15 hit on country radio.

When it comes to “Good Time” Niko Moon is all in, “I mean it’s literally tattooed on my body.” Want proof? Watch his video, and at a minute and 28 seconds in, you’ll see what he’s talking about.

Check out Niko Moon and his “Good Time” music video…and tattoos, right here…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato