Reba McEntire Shows Off Her New Goods

Live from Cracker Barrel it’s Reba McEntire!  The ravishing redhead talked to her fans directly on Facebook Live Thursday (Aug. 11) straight from the Cracker Barrel warehouse to promote her new Rockin’ R by Reba retail line.

“They asked me to join with them and put some of my items in their stores,” Reba said. “I was thrilled to death to get to do that becauses I’m a huge fan of Cracker Barrel. We put some items in like kids toys, dishes, jewelry, hats, purses, salt and pepper shakers and some music.”

rebachristmasThe “Fancy” singer went on to perform a few songs voted on by her fans. She kicked off with a song that was a No. 1 hit for her 29 years ago, “One Promise To Late.” After announcing that her Love Somebody CD will be available in Cracker Barrel stores Reba revealed that her new Christmas album, My Kind of Christmas—recorded 5 years ago— will be available through the stores as well, prompting her to break into her version of Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas.” Go ahead, listen you won’t be disappointed.

“Thank you all very much for being with us today,” she concluded in the video.”This has been a great adventure—glad to be with Cracker Barrel. Come see us. Go get a biscuit and some gravy and then go shopping. Christmas is right around the corner it will be here before you know it, so pick up our CD and a gift for all the kids and grandma and grandpa.”

Be sure and check out all things Reba at Cracker Barrel stores. Watch Reba’s live performances below:

Watch as Reba takes fan questions:

Photo courtesy of Starstruck Ent